What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence occurs when one person harms another person with whom they have or have had a relationship.

They do not need to be heterosexual partners and they do not need to live in the same property. Both women and men can be the victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence can be where one person physically attacks the other but it may also be emotional, sexual or financial abuse. Children can be victims if they have witnessed domestic violence.

If you need help to recognize whether you are being abused, there are many organisations that can give you confidential advice and we can provide you with details of them. There are many local shelters and we can help you find a place of safety.


Choices and Options

If you are the victim of a violent relationship, you have a number of options available. These include reporting the violence to the police, leaving home temporarily (or permanently) or staying in your home and getting the person who is harming you to leave. The paramount consideration is securing your safety and we can provide expert legal advice as to most appropriate steps to take.

Once you are safe, consideration needs to be taken as to your future plans such as:

  • Whether you wish to permanently separate from your partner
  • Whether you want to take action to keep the violent partner away from you
  • Protecting your rights to the family home – whether this involves preserving your interests after you have left the property or maintaining your interest whilst you remain there
  • Ensuring that appropriate contact arrangements are in place between the children and your former spouse or partner.


What Elthorne Solicitors can do for you

We have experience in making and defending a range of emergency applications. We provide pragmatic and nonjudgmental advice that ensures that steps are taken that are proportionate to the concerns raised and that limit the chance of any further occurrences