Civil Partnership Dissolution


Gay Marriage, Same Sex relationships and the Law

Introduced in December 2005, Civil Partnership Act enables same sex couples to “register” their relationship and effectively become married in the eyes of the law.

Once registered, a couple gain the same rights as a married couple in terms of tax, inheritance and “dissolution” (the equivalent of divorce). This provides each person with a potential claim over the assets and income of the other. Financial claims on the dissolution of a civil partnership will be assessed in much the same way as those made on divorce and periods of cohabitations are likely to be combined with the length of the partnership to when considering the length of the relationship and the extent of the assets. See our page on Finances for a more in depth look at how the court determines financial provision.

Protecting your finances before registering your marriage

This momentous step forward in English law has also led to an increase in pre-registration agreements as couples who may have been together for some time seek to regulate their finances before taking steps to register their relationships. See our section on Pre and Post-nuptial agreements for further details.

Elthorne Solicitors can advise you of the legal implications of your relationship when living together or if you are considering registering your relationship or in the unhappy event that your relationship falters.