Helping you make decisions for your family

Although most people will try to avoid disagreements over the future arrangements for their children, it is not always possible to do so.

Elthorne Solicitors can advise in relation to all disputes about children whether the problem is financial or practical (such as where a child will live or go to school). We are able to help with sensitive issues such as paternity and to arrange emergency intervention in possible cases of abduction.

Elthorne Solicitors understand how difficult disputes about children can be and will give practical advice helping you to resolve the situation. We are experienced in every stage of the process; from initial negotiations and meetings through to the preparation of Court proceedings, obtaining expert evidence and preparing for final hearings.  Children matters can include disputes between parents, grandparents, or siblings, about issues relating to

  • Residence
  • Contact
  • Change of name
  • Specific issues relating to schooling or the upbringing of a child
  • Parental rights.

Disagreements often arise, particularly where couples are separating, and it is important to try to resolve disputes without delay and with the best interests of the child as the primary consideration. We represent parents, grandparents and children and, if the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation or mediation, we can issue court proceedings to obtain appropriate court orders.

We can advise and assist you before court proceedings, attend child protection conferences and represent you in court proceedings. Our experience includes dealing with high profile cases involving complex issues which could involve the Official Solicitor if you are a vulnerable adult, cases involving allegations of sexual abuse, non-accidental injury to a child, neglect, or factitious (induced) illness.